Things Drive Through Customers Do That Fast Food Employees Can’t Stand

We all know that working in Fast Food is not the most glorious job an individual can have. However, there are things that certain customers do that make it unbearable. Here is a list of things that customers do in the drive through that fast food employees can’t stand. Take note and try to avoid doing these.

  1. When customers ignore the employees when they greet them.
  2. When customers order right off the bat without giving the employee time to tell them if they are ready to take their order or not.
  3. When an employee asks a customer to wait a moment before ordering and the customer ignores it and orders anyway.
  4. When an employee tells a customer “order when you are ready” and the customer replies with “I need a moment” or “okay hold on” or anything similar.
  5. When a customer wants more than one order per car.
  6. When a customer has multiple long and/or complicated orders for one car.
  7. When a customer gets mad at an employee because they ask them to repeat something they said.
  8. When customers say they want a combo but fallow it with “just the item”. Its not the combo if you just want the main item.
  9. When customers ask to make their meal “large” when there isn’t such thing because all meals are the same “size”.
  10. When customers ask obvious questions that can be answered by simply reading the menu. (For example: “What drinks do you have?”, “How much is this item”)
  11. When customers ask where a certain item is on the menu, expecting the drive through employee to know exactly where it is. (Drive through employees usually can not see the menu)
  12. When customers are not specific on items that have multiple options.
  13. when an employee asks “What would you like to drink with that” and the customer replies “yes”
  14. When customers have complicated orders but are not patient with the employees trying to get them right.
  15. When customers drive away before the employee can finish asking the questions they are required to ask.
  16. When customers drive past the pay window.
  17. When customers do not pay attention.
  18. When customers drive so fast that they past the window they are supposed to go to.
  19. When customers do not listen when employees tell them what window to go to.
  20. When customers get mad because they passed the window and “didn’t know which window to go to”
  21. When an employee asks if the order is correct and the customer says yes but later on says it was wrong.
  22. When customers change their order last minute (more so when their order is already made)
  23. When customers pay in all change for a bill costing more than a dollar.
  24. When an employee has to manually enter the customers card info because their card is too trashed to be swiped
  25. When customers are rude for no reason
  26. When customers enter a busy line and complain about the wait.
  27. When customers get annoyed with the questions employees are required to ask while taking their order
  28. When customers take a long time to get their money out
  29. When customers sit at the pay window not knowing if they continue on or not but don’t bother to ask the employee.
  30. When customers give the employees too much or too little money because they cannot count (not because the customer wanted a certain amount back.)
  31. When customers don’t say please or thank you.
  32. When an employee asks how many they would like of an item (like sauce packets) and the customer replies with “alot”
  33. When employees can not quite reach the customer and accidentally loses some of their money and they get mad at the employees
  34. When employees have technical difficulties and customers get mad at them for it.
  35. When customers smoke in the drive through
  36. When customers talk on the phone while in the drive through.
  37. When customers pay in cash and the change is hidden within the bills.
  38. When customers argue amongst themselves (employees can hear it)
  39. When customers are too far away from the window.
    1. When customers are too close the window.
  40. When customers shove money into the face of employees
  41. When customers hold their money so close to the window that the employee can barley open the window without hitting them.
  42. When customers order from any seat other that the drivers seat.

Fast food is not glamorous but with this list maybe we can make parts of it a little bit better. Please remember that fast food employees are people too and they are only human. Always be respectful, patient, and understanding with the individuals serving you. A polite person can make a stressed out and annoyed employees day.


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